Quote of the day–Edward Wenger

No one can tell me that I can and should use deadly force.

Edward Wenger
FBI sharpshooter testifying before congress in regards to the death of Vickie Weaver by FBI sharpshooter Lon Horiuchi.
Sept 14, 1995
[Horiuchi’s rules of engagement orders were “… can and should use deadly force against any armed adult…”  Even if a surrender order had not been given. 

Things to remember about the Weaver incident:

  1. It occurred during the presidency of George H. Bush before Clinton was elected.
  2. Horiuchi was a sniper who ‘saw action’ at Waco under the Clinton adminstration.
  3. ‘Management’ at Ruby Ridge (Weaver) gave illegal orders but neither they nor the people who followed those orders were given signficant punishment.
  4. Some of the same ‘management’ was at Waco.
  5. Neither political party has a monopoly on illegal and immoral acts and the people willing to execute those acts follow orders of anyone willing to give them.

-Joe Huffman-]