Working our way forward

From The Salt Lake Tribune:

 A state legislator is setting up free concealed weapon classes for policy-makers and their families this summer, while at the same time formulating a proposal to make it easier for Utahns to secretly carry a firearm.
    Clearfield Republican Rep. Curtis Oda says the sessions are aimed at educating lawmakers and debunking gun-control advocates’ criticism of Utah’s gun laws.
    The first two students were Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. and Lt. Gov. Gary Herbert. Since then, 12 legislators and eight other elected officials have taken the free gun-handling classes. And Oda has another 25 legislators interested, with the next class scheduled for July.

The reporter is biased (notice the use of the word “secretly“ instead of the more common “concealed“ and the picture of the legislator is terrible) against gun ownership but still our side is on the offensive and making progress.  And of course it’s always pleasant to hear the other side whine:

    Gun Violence Prevention Center of Utah board member Maura Carabello calls Oda’s classes “exposure lobbying” that gets around Utah’s lobbyist disclosure laws but still persuades lawmakers to be sympathetic to his cause.
    “I object to this being framed as merely educational, with no larger political intent,” Carabello said. “This is not government responding to the public. This is a special interest trying to affect lawmakers.”

     But Carabello says the free classes don’t pass the proverbial “smell test.” Oda’s classes, she says, are a subtle form of lobbying for looser laws – something Utah doesn’t need.