Update on being fired

Since my posting nearly a week ago there has been speculation I was fired because of my blog or it’s content.  Technically I’m sure that is not true or at least it is a very small component of the official internal record.  The blog was used to find sufficient cause to investigate other things.  At least one item was ultimately found, which I knew was wrong when I did it and admitted to it when asked about it, which was sufficient cause according to company policy to terminate my employment .  That item was allowing my wife and daughter to browse the web using the company laptop.  I suspect there were other things which they believed to be wrong, but in fact were not, which were also used to justify their actions.  I probably will never know because they did not and probably will not ever allow those items to be examined and refuted.  But it doesn’t matter because it only takes one step “over the line“.

A full report from my viewpoint, about what happened, the lessons learned, and how you can protect yourself will probably be released sometime next week.  Please keep your speculation to a minimum until then.


2 thoughts on “Update on being fired

  1. Nothing to apologize about. I was deliberately “keeping my hand close to my chest” and it was easy to come to erroneous conclusions with the information available.

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