Pointy knives and pointy sticks

Lots of people have commented on the news from the UK about the proposed restrictions on pointy knives.  I thought they were already beyond that with the restrictions on clothes.  But I guess the knife job isn’t complete yet.  And of course, as pointed out by the Brady Bunch in that same article:

Peter Hamm, a spokesman for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, which supports gun control, joked, “Can sharp stick control be far behind?”

To answer Hamm’s question, which may not have been that much of a joke, “No.  It can’t be far behind.”  The mindset of these people has to be completely changed before things will get better.  As long as they are a nation of cowards and rely on increasing government power to provide decreasing security they will continue to suffer high crime rates and the humiliation of being the laughing stock of the world.


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