Ry to speak on Boomershoot at Microsoft Gun Club

Ry says he is not sure he will have much to say.  Wow!  He’s spent many 100’s of hours involved with Boomershoot.  He could talk about firearm selection.  He fired nearly 1000 rounds through an AK-47 clone to connect with his first boomer but a few years later could connect almost at will with an AR-15 with a “deep space telescope“ mounted on it.  Or if he wanted to talk about stuff “behind the scenes“ he could talk about the dozens and dozens of experiments we have done (and all the windshields we have replaced).  All the fireballs that weren’t.  All the boomers that went pop.  All efforts that went into the various target bodies.  All the tests we should have done but didn’t.  Or how about the games we (mostly Ry) came up with using boomers.  Why there probably won’t ever be any legal gambling on a boomershoot type game.  Or the hours and hours of video we (mostly Ry again) have collected but neither couldn’t make into anything sustaining our interest for more than a few seconds yet the professionals at KING 5 were able to turn similar video into four and a half minutes of excitement.  He could talk about chemistry of the boomers.  He could talk about dealing with the ATF.  He could talk about the design and building of the Taj Mahal (Ry did most of that).  He could talk about the all the unintentional fires we have create and put out–sometimes just seconds from diasater. 


3 thoughts on “Ry to speak on Boomershoot at Microsoft Gun Club

  1. Ry did a great job! We had the group chatting for about an hour and a half. I liked his demo of MBall as well. It dug into some of the deeper areas of the app that I hadn’t touched before. In the future, I’m going to set some bullet drop computations for the exact ranges of the bullet impact zones at Boomer, since they don’t have to be even increments.

    So – when are you going to port that to PocketPC? I just bought one, specifically for doing onsite ballistics calculations at shooting events.

    BTW – did you know that I’m the MSGC president?

  2. Glad to hear Ry did okay.

    I don’t really have any plans to port it to the PocketPC. I’ll take a look at one sometime though.

    No, I didn’t know you were the MSGC president. I wondered who the current victim was.

  3. If you want to hand out the library and source, I can stab at porting it to pocketpc.

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