Some wacko (redundancy alert) gun control activist “chopped off the tip of his trigger finger to protest efforts by the gun lobby to scuttle tougher firearms laws.”  It happened in 1994 and he is now auctioning off the homemade guillotine and small hammer he used to do it on eBay; Which is why it is in the news now.  Read about it here.

It certainly takes a fair amount of dedications to do that but it doesn’t compare to burning yourself to death in public like some Buddhist monks (and I believe some Quakers) did to protest the Vietnam war.  And I have to give him credit for symbology too, assuming he is not left handed, or chops off the other “trigger finger“ this week.  But of course gun control is all about symbolism rather than substance so one can’t really expect much real dedication from him.  But I have been thinking what he, and his fellow activists, might do if they had the dedication of the aforementioned Buddhist monks.  I’ll leave the details to your grisly imaginations, I would rather not give them a road-map for even temporary political success, but it involves changing the national statistics on murder and suicides committed with firearms.


4 thoughts on “Dedication

  1. Yeah, Joe – but if ALL the anti-gun bigots go kill themselves, who’ll be left to push their agenda? 🙂

  2. James, that’s a little “over the top for me”.

    Mike, shhhhhh.

  3. Naw – they don’t need to do a cranial amputation. I’d be happy if all the gun control activists just chopped off their dominent hand’s index fingertip.

    Not only would they ensure that they would have great difficulty defending themselves with the most efficient tools, they’d provide an enormous supply of chili drop-ins for all the other wackos that want to try to win the lawsuit lottery against Wendy’s.

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