Evening Magazine teaser for Boomershoot story

KING 5 Evening Magazine has a teaser up on their web site (registration may be required) for their adventure at Boomershoot 2005:

Have you ever wondered what to do with some of your old things? We’ll take you to rural Idaho for some explosive fun.

It airs tonight.  See also the videos Jason M. took of the producer and the cameraman shooting boomers.


3 thoughts on “Evening Magazine teaser for Boomershoot story

  1. Good coverage! I’m planning on being there next year (need to get a new upper for the AR-15 though). I’m glad to see MSM finally give some fair coverage to gun owners.


  2. A friend watched it tonight and called me saying I am in it… And I am sure it is the time the camara was shoved in my face when I screamed for joy after actually hitting a boomer. I knew it would come back to haunt me… lol

  3. [I posted this a few days ago, but I’ll post again, now that the story has aired. Thanks!]

    Please (everyone) just take a few minutes to compose a quick compliment email, letter, or phone call to KING 5.

    Focusing on stereotypically negative coverage of gun owners gets us nowhere. But expressing thanks for positive coverage is a recipe for continued media success.

    Here are the names of the KING-TV Evening Magazine crew who were at Boomershoot (both of whom shot and detonated boomers!):

    Kim Griffis, Reporter/Producer

    Mark Morache, Photojournalist/Editor

    Here is where you send your compliments:

    Attn: News Director, KING 5 News feedback


    Attn: Evening Magazine


    —-Snail mail address/phone:

    KING 5

    333 Dexter Avenue N

    Seattle, WA 98109

    Phone: 206-448-5555

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