What I’m working towards

The past few days I’ve been posting a Quote of the Day which reminds us of how far the gun rights movement has come in the past few years.  Analog Kid suggests we should use it as a reminder to be vigilant.  I certainly agree with that suggestion but my intent is much larger in scope.  I believe we are in a position to drive the anti-gun bigots into political extinction and ultimately repeal nearly all the repressive anti-gun laws in this country and perhaps even liberate other countries.  To do that we have to focus our energies properly.  How I think we should do that is coming soon in an essay I intended to deliver as my Boomershoot Dinner speech but didn’t have time to write.


3 thoughts on “What I’m working towards

  1. I generally tell people not to ask me that sort of question for at least a month after an event. It’s sort of like asking a woman giving birth how many more kids she is going to have.

    At this time I do not see any significant obstacles to Boomershoot 2006. The biggest concern of mine after Boomershoot 2005 was the risk of a fire. But it has been raining pretty steady for the last several days and the risk of fire from the 2005 event for all practical purposes is zero.

  2. LOL Good analogy… Sounds great.

    I work for a pretty good sized magazine, and hope to do something with the 2006 event.. I’ll check back in a month or so and get with you then..


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