Real ID

Seth A. sent me an email asking if I was going to rant about the “Real ID” passing Congress now.  Heavy sigh.  It’s so wrong on so many levels and I just don’t have the energy for something I can’t do something about.  Bruce Schneier works it over if you want the details.  And as both Seth and Bruce point out activists can go here for some coordination on the protest.

My attitude, which sucks on this, is if we have our guns the harm done by this piece of crap is minimized.  Yeah, we end up paying $100+ million for something that probably decreases security but one should fight the battles you have a chance of winning and not wasting energy on things that are foregone conclusions.  And we can still fight it in the implementation and funding stages.  Make it much more costly and make it fall flat on it’s face. Point out that the risk if information like gender preference, or and/or ethnic origin (”I see you are a homosexual Jew! Your cattle car is waiting for you right over there.”)  were available from your ID card and is required to be shown to cops, employeers, and banks.

Update: The Bruce Schneier link was broken.  It’s fixed now.


2 thoughts on “Real ID

  1. I stand here to call upon all americans to civil war. Not against each other but against an administration that has lied to us over and over agian….yes i did just figure that out. I call upon you all to rise against the egotistical and arrogant dogma the courts have been spewing out the past few years and restor the true law this great country was founded upon, the US Constitution. President Bush thinks him self a christian but infact he is the Anti Christ. There im done.

  2. If the people erupted in civil war because an administration lied then war would never cease. There are better solutions. Invoke the ballot box before the cartridge box.

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