I just got a call from the closest Boomershoot neighbor

He called to tell me a few things:

  • The “Wicked Witch of the Boomershoot” (long story from a few years ago) came by trying to get him involved in shutting us down in the future.
  • She said that if she has to she will build a house at the top of the hill (actually it would have to be a little ways over the top of the hill) to shut us down.
  • He repeatedly asked what her problem was and she kept saying, “It’s not regulated.“
  • One of her tactics is to get it shut down on noise considerations.  He pointed out to her that she lives in Orofino and probably can’t hear it from there even if she tries.
  • He referred her to another neighbor to see what his thoughts were.  I laughed and laughed at that.  That particular neighbor asked for a Boomershoot 2005 hat (shipped on May 7th) to annoy someone in cahoots with the Wicked Witch.
  • He repeatedly thanks me and the entire Boomershoot crowd for driving slow past their house to keep the dust down and for keeping the explosions at a scale such they didn’t have things falling off the walls.

I told him she is a problem for lots of people in the area.  As near as we can tell she just likes to cause trouble.  He is in agreement and wants nothing to do with her plans. 

Others have plans to keep her busy for a while so maybe she will leave us alone once she is engaged elsewhere. 


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  1. How about a recap on the wicked witch of Boomershoot for us new-bees…

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