Season one of Star Trek: Enterprise

I used to be fan of all the Star Trek series except DS9.  We dropped our cable subscription years ago and so when Star Trek: Enterprise began I didn’t see it.  In fact I have only seen just part of one episode when I stumbled across it while channel surfing in a hotel once a year or two ago.

Yesterday I bought season one on DVD.  I would have started watching it last night but James wants to watch it too and I’m going to wait for him so we can watch it together.  He was busy gaming last night and, today is Mother’s Day so it may not be until next weekend when we can schedule a time to begin.


2 thoughts on “Season one of Star Trek: Enterprise

  1. It was great…

    Was being the operative word. as season 3 is it… they screwed the pooch on the theme song in season 2 by the way… Season one theme song always made a tear come to my eye…

  2. That is one of the fun things those of us without cable have to look forward to, (entire seasons on DVD that we’ve never seen before, without commercials, to be watched on our time).

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