Busy, busy day and it’s not over yet

James called an we talked about the Serenity trailer that is out.  The series was so good.  We have high hopes for the movie.

Kim’s doctor’s appointment turned out far better than we feared.  The doc said it probably was just cartilage rather than her ACL.  She can work just take it easy.  Then we went out to lunch.

Xenia thinks the drawing of an explosion I have on the Boomershoot shirts, etc. looks like a vagina and/or uterus and has a poll up asking everyone else what they think.  Vagina is winning 3:1 over explosion at this time.

I burned 100 CD’s with Boomershoot History Through 2004 on them.  All shooters will get one and I’ll burn more for anyone that shows up and wants one.

The server for my email and a couple dozen web sites including boomershoot.org, joehuffman.org, etc. lost it’s power supply and I had to replace it.  Lots of last minute email from boomershoot people.  I also received lots of calls about Boomershoot including one from the outdoor writer at the Lewiston Morning Tribune.  There should be an article about Boomershoot in the Outdoor section tomorrow.

I printed 900 labels for the reactive targets to be compliant with the ATFE.

I wrote up the worker’s task list and emailed that out.

Kim has a second interview with Horizon Air in Seattle tomorrow.  They will fly her over and back.  She is floating in the clouds.  She got the house she and a friend wanted to rent.today too.

I picked up a shooting bench from Tim and Lisa since they can’t attend this year.

I picked up Kim mattress than her old roommate let her seven cats piss and crap all over and put it behind our house for later disposal.

I still have 100 badges and CD labels to print out tonight.  I hope I don’t run out of ink in the ink jet printer

Barb keeps asking if I’m having fun yet…