Boomershoot weather forecast at T-4

Friday, Apr 29 
Clouds limiting sun. Winds from the NE at 9 mph.  High: 63° F  RealFeel: 58° F
Friday Night: Mostly cloudy. Winds from the NE at 6 mph.

Saturday, Apr 30 
Cloudy. Winds from the NE at 9 mph.  High: 61° F  RealFeel®: 55° F
Saturday Night: Cloudy. Winds from the S at 7 mph.  Low: 41° F  RealFeel: 37° F

Sunday, May 1
Overcast. Winds from the N at 6 mph.  High: 63° F  RealFeel: 59° F
Sunday Night: Rainy. Winds from the WSW at 4 mph.


2 thoughts on “Boomershoot weather forecast at T-4

  1. Joe,

    Is there any paperwork on the internet that I should print out in case I run into a case of dumb ass at the airport???


  2. I sent out email this morning, but here it is again for people:


    These links may be useful for people traveling via air:

    The basics are that TSA allows you to carry unloaded firearms in locked hard sided cases with up to 11 pounds of ammunition in checked baggage. The ammo must be in original factory boxes or sturdy boxes intended for ammo storage. You must declare the firearm as you are checking it. Some airlines have more restrictive rules. KLM, for example, will not allow handguns. Some airlines require the ammo be in a separate bag from the firearm. You should contact your air carrier prior to arriving at the airport to find out what special restrictions they may have. I once had a problem with TWA because I didn’t contact them. They let me check my handgun without problems but required the pilot to sign off on 18 rounds of 9mm ammo. The link on my website above has links to some of the more common airlines policies.


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