Boomershoot update

As Jason at Fish Or Man points out Boomershoot 2005 is getting down to the wire.  Not only in time (eight days) but in number of shooting positions available (seven).  And that doesn’t include the number of entries that probably have been mailed but I haven’t picked up at the Post Office in the last four days.  There have been some local newspaper articles show up which will almost for certain generate a flurry of late entries.  I have received phone calls about the articles but I haven’t seen them yet.

Things are pretty much under control.  I’m late on ordering the staff t-shirts, but most people won’t care about that and probably will get them just in time.  The cardboard boxes I use as target bodies should be waiting for me when I get home tonight.  And the only other thing I need (more blenders) I’ll pick up at Costco tonight.

We are close enough in time to get some weather forecasts.  My son James will be pleased that his declarations about Boomershoot weather will likely be proven correct yet again:

Friday, Apr 29


Mostly cloudy, rain possible High: 72° F Low: 44° F

Saturday, Apr 30 Times of clouds and sun High: 62° F Low: 30° F

Sunday, May 1 Rain High: 54° F Low: 30° F

We’ll see.  Ten days in advance is stretching things some and will almost for certain change some by then.