Today is a better day

First thing this morning I made contact with someone willing to provide hundreds of live bodies for “human subject testing” at minimal cost for one of my research projects.  That’s very encouraging.  Then a few minutes ago I got a call from the repair shop–the cost of the van repair is under $2000 including tax.  Still painful but will be able to expand my diet beyond the lentils and potatoes from the farm I was envisioning.

And finally the weather forecast for Sunday, and the Boomershoot Adventure is good.


2 thoughts on “Today is a better day

  1. Ok Joe, I have to ask…do you video these boomershoots or do I just have to use my childhood imagination and put an ear to the wind and listen for the connect? Let me know…very interested…would be willing to buy a video and show it to a couple of shooting enthusiast I like to hang with.

  2. There was a professionally made video of Boomershoot 2004. Contact Scott Davis (davi8799 AT uidaho DOT edu) and ask if he can supply you with a copy from last year.

    The Boomershoot Adventure on Sunday probably will not have much if any video. There is a fair amount of video on the web site from events as far back as ’98. See this page for a sampler:

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