Right to murder bill

Florida’s bill, soon to become law, which explicitly says you may use deadly force to defend yourself from serious injury or death is being called a “right to murder” bill by the anti-freedom people:

“It’s literally mind-boggling in its audacity,” said Arthur Hayhoe of Wesley Chapel, president of the Florida Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. “If I make a mistake, all I have to do is repeat the NRA’s magic words: “I feel threatened.’ ” I call this the “right-to-murder’ bill.”

I suspect the real problem is that Mr. Hayhoe is feeling threatened.  After this law has been in effect for a couple of years and the crime statistics come in he will loose all traction with the population at large.  He will be like the crazy guy predicting the end of the world on the street corner.  No one will pay him any attention and that will be a very uncomfortable position to be in.  And of course after making these crazy predictions of the end of the world and being proved wrong he will make even more predictions and push his crazy, disproven viewpoint even more.  It must really suck to be an anti-freedom fighter these days.


One thought on “Right to murder bill

  1. My father once told me when I was young,”…don’t stand in the way of your enemies when they are trying to destroy themselves.” It is very clear that what is happening in Florida needs to take place in other parts of the country. Florida has proven that if you allow your law abiding citizens to arm themselves…thugs will think twice about pulling something stupid. “You can not stop the truly evil hell bent on hurting someone with rules and laws, but I have found out that a 45 cal slug takes the fight right out of em.”(officer Bill Jefferies, Starkville Police Dept, MS. When you hear it in that southern drawl it just sounds a bit more authentic.

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