Boomershoot dinner and status

Those of you already signed up for Boomershoot 2005 should have the email about this, but for those that haven’t signed up I’ll mention it here and when I get around to it put it on the Boomershoot 2005 web page too.  Stephanie has arranged for a group dinner on Saturday night, April 30th.  The plan is that this year we will have all the targets made earlier and we be able to sit down and have a nice dinner with everyone the evening before we crater the field and shake up houses for miles.  Of course if it’s anything like most years I’ll be back on site building targets again later than night. I’m also going to give a little speech titled Past, Present, Future: Boomershoot and Freedom.  I don’t have much more than the title so far but I figure I can start work on it “real soon now”.  I’ll put the details of the dinner up on the web site soon so spectators (we have spectators drive as far as 350 miles some years) can RSVP and attend as well.

I haven’t posted it on the web site yet but another three shooting positions have been taken.  The reduces it to 13 shooting positoins still available.  I’m receiving about one call or email each day asking if there are positions still available so I expect there will be less than ten by next weekend.