Boomershoot weather forecast at T-1

I was up until 01:30 this morning but I got everything done that HAD to be done before I leave.  We dropped Kim off at the airport at 06:00 and said hi to Sarah. Kim gets back into town about 18:30.  She is due at Boomershoot by 08:30 the next morning.

My stomach is in knots this morning.  No appetite.  It’ll probably remain that way until midday on Sunday–assuming everything goes well I’ll get an appetite Sunday night.  Lots and lots of things to do today.  Almost for certain this will be my last post until at least Sunday, maybe even Monday night.

Remember, spectators are welcome.  Bring ear protection, a lawn chair, rain gear, sunscreen, and everything in between.  If you forget the ear protection we have some extra.  Ask at the RV/check-in table.

The forecast for wind looks a lot better but with chances of showers on Friday and Saturday.  It should be okay. 

Friday, Apr 29
Times of clouds and sun with a shower possible in the afternoon. Winds from the S at 2 mph.  High: 59° F  RealFeel: 66° F
Friday Night: Mostly cloudy. Wind information is not available.  Low: 39° F  RealFeel: 43° F

Saturday, Apr 30 
Mostly cloudy with a shower possible. Winds from the NE at 2 mph.  High: 65° F  RealFeel: 69° F
Saturday Night: Cloudy. Winds from the ESE at 5 mph.  Low: 40° F  RealFeel: 39° F

Sunday, May 1 
Variable cloudiness. Winds from the E at 8 mph.  High: 62° F  RealFeel: 57° F
Sunday Night: Plenty of clouds. Winds from the SE at 6 mph.  Low: 42° F  RealFeel: 39° F

Busy, busy day and it’s not over yet

James called an we talked about the Serenity trailer that is out.  The series was so good.  We have high hopes for the movie.

Kim’s doctor’s appointment turned out far better than we feared.  The doc said it probably was just cartilage rather than her ACL.  She can work just take it easy.  Then we went out to lunch.

Xenia thinks the drawing of an explosion I have on the Boomershoot shirts, etc. looks like a vagina and/or uterus and has a poll up asking everyone else what they think.  Vagina is winning 3:1 over explosion at this time.

I burned 100 CD’s with Boomershoot History Through 2004 on them.  All shooters will get one and I’ll burn more for anyone that shows up and wants one.

The server for my email and a couple dozen web sites including,, etc. lost it’s power supply and I had to replace it.  Lots of last minute email from boomershoot people.  I also received lots of calls about Boomershoot including one from the outdoor writer at the Lewiston Morning Tribune.  There should be an article about Boomershoot in the Outdoor section tomorrow.

I printed 900 labels for the reactive targets to be compliant with the ATFE.

I wrote up the worker’s task list and emailed that out.

Kim has a second interview with Horizon Air in Seattle tomorrow.  They will fly her over and back.  She is floating in the clouds.  She got the house she and a friend wanted to too.

I picked up a shooting bench from Tim and Lisa since they can’t attend this year.

I picked up Kim mattress than her old roommate let her seven cats piss and crap all over and put it behind our house for later disposal.

I still have 100 badges and CD labels to print out tonight.  I hope I don’t run out of ink in the ink jet printer

Barb keeps asking if I’m having fun yet…

Boomershoot weather forecast at T-2

I had my first Boomershoot “butterflies” on Monday evening.  I was watching a movie with Barb in our living room and I suddenly remembered I hadn’t found one of our walkie-talkies yet and hadn’t purchased a new one either.  What else had I forgotten?  My stomach was tied up in knots for a while.  I’ve been doing fairly well since then.  I wake up far earlier than normal–5:10 this morning after going to bed at 23:07 but I don’t wake up during the night.  I still have an appetite; which is good.  Things are actually going well.  The weather still looks good to.  We are close enough that they should be close to right on now:

Friday, Apr 29
Clouds limiting sun. Winds from the E at 4 mph.  High: 61° F  RealFeel: 64° F
Friday Night: Mostly cloudy. Winds from the ESE at 6 mph.  Low: 34° F  RealFeel: 31° F

Saturday, Apr 30 
Cloudy with a shower possible. Winds from the E at 8 mph.  High: 61° F  RealFeel: 55° F
Saturday Night: Mostly cloudy. Winds from the E at 7 mph.  Low: 39° F  RealFeel: 36° F

Sunday, May 1 
Overcast. Winds from the E at 9 mph.  High: 65° F  RealFeel: 59° F
Sunday Night: Mostly cloudy. Winds from the E at 6 mph.  Low: 40° F  RealFeel: 38° F

Boomershoot videos

I just got conformation that another Boomershoot video will be made this year.  The same guy as last year will be on site video taping and interviewing people.  He will be selling them onsite for later delivery.

I also just finished my “home video” of Boomershoot History up until Boomershoot 2004.  I’ll be giving those away to everyone that entered the event and shows up.  Assuming I can duplicate all 100 CD’s.  I’m going to be very, very busy tomorrow.  I wish my laptop CD was working….

After the event I’ll upload it to for download, but it’s 237Mbytes so it will only be for people that have “big pipes” for downloading.

Boomershoot weather forecast at T-3

Friday, Apr 29
Mostly cloudy and cool. Winds from the NE at 9 mph.  High: 55° F  RealFeel: 48° F
Friday Night: Mostly cloudy. Winds from the ENE at 7 mph.  Low: 35° F  RealFeel: 31° F

Saturday, Apr 30
Cloudy. Winds from the ENE at 8 mph.  High: 59° F  RealFeel: 54° F
Saturday Night: Mostly cloudy. Winds from the E at 7 mph. 

Low: 36° F RealFeel: 32° F

Sunday, May 1
Overcast. Winds from the E at 9 mph.  High: 63° F  RealFeel®: 57° F
Sunday Night: Plenty of clouds. Winds from the ESE at 6 mph.  Low: 40° F  RealFeel: 37° F

Boomershoot weather forecast at T-4

Friday, Apr 29 
Clouds limiting sun. Winds from the NE at 9 mph.  High: 63° F  RealFeel: 58° F
Friday Night: Mostly cloudy. Winds from the NE at 6 mph.

Saturday, Apr 30 
Cloudy. Winds from the NE at 9 mph.  High: 61° F  RealFeel®: 55° F
Saturday Night: Cloudy. Winds from the S at 7 mph.  Low: 41° F  RealFeel: 37° F

Sunday, May 1
Overcast. Winds from the N at 6 mph.  High: 63° F  RealFeel: 59° F
Sunday Night: Rainy. Winds from the WSW at 4 mph.

Quote of the day–Sean Flynn

You both observe that he frequently evades responding to your points. That means he can assemble his points with a quick copy-paste, or hand the job to a trollbot.

If you and Rolf are building huge dielectical muscles and/or using/building a library of arguments, more power to you.

I understand that engaging ‘the enemy’ in public debate is important. Since you aren’t going to convince Henry, you should take your considerable knowledge and skills to a forum where persuadable people are more likely to see your points, counterpoints, and the opposition’s evasions.

Don’t let this asshole steal any more of your life.

Sean Flynn
Wed 4/20/2005 9:46 AM

Boomershoot update, weather forecast at T-5 and counting

Less than five days until the first day of Boomershoot 2005 and the weather forecasts are probably pretty accurate by now.

Weather forecast for nearby Orofino:

Friday, Apr 29
Mostly cloudy with a little rain. Winds from the NE at 9 mph.  High: 63° F  RealFeel®: 58° F
Friday Night: Mostly cloudy. Winds from the NE at 6 mph.  Low: 37° F  RealFeel: 33° F

Saturday, Apr 30
Cloudy. Winds from the NE at 9 mph.  High: 61° F  RealFeel: 55° F
Saturday Night: Cloudy. Winds from the S at 7 mph.  Low: 41° F  RealFeel: 37° F

Sunday, May 1
Overcast. Winds from the N at 6 mph.  High: 63° F  RealFeel: 59° F
Sunday Night: Rainy. Winds from the WSW at 4 mph.

Barb and I visited the site today. The water went over the windshield of the van as we splashed through the creek on our way to and from dumping stuff off at the Taj Mahal.  My new dispensor for the liquid fuel leaked about a half gallon and destroyed a few hundred small paper bags (think brown paper “lunch bags”).  Most of it was caught in a plastic container lid that just happened to be directly under the dispensor so it could have been a lot worse.  I burned them and threw on a hundred or so of the old target bodies that I invested so much time and money into fire too.  The wind picked up a little later and blew some burning paper into some dry grass and brush and Barb and I had to put that fire out.  A vivid reminder of how easy things burn even when you think everything is wet.

Home life update (Kim mostly–what else?)

Saturday Kim brought Xenia home from work and stayed around to visit with us for while.  She told us she had been to Seattle and back three times last week.  She changed a flat tire on one trip while wearing four inch high heels. Plus she went to Coeur d’Alene and back once.  Plus she worked nearly every day.

We bought a ‘new’ car yesterday.  A 2004 Chevrolet Aveo.  Xenia loves it.  We told her she could use it, most of the time, when she gets her drivers license.  She sat in the car and talked to her friends via her cell phone for close to an hour.

Barb and I went to visit my parents and a bunch of my mom’s relatives that had come over to visit.  A couple of them I had never met before.  One I probably hadn’t seen in at least 30 years. 

We dumped a bunch of stuff off at the Taj Mahal for the Boomershoot and we were just getting on the paved road again when Kim called and wanted to talk to Barb.  It sounds like she tore her anterior cruciate ligament.  She’ll need surgery and she won’t be able to put weight on it for quite some time.  Our guess is this means she will miss out on her Horizon Air job if that comes through this week.  Heavy sigh.

Quote of the day–William Burroughs

After a shooting spree, they always want to take the guns away from the people who didn’t do it.  I sure as hell wouldn’t want to live in a society where the only people allowed guns are the police and the military.

William Burroughs
(b. 1914)
U.S. author. “The War Universe,”
taped conversation (published in Grand Street, no. 37;
repr. in Painting and Guns, 1992, in a slightly different form.

Why Boomershoot?

Why guns and explosives?  Why would people want to do this?  Why do you do this?  What motivates you to put all this work into something that you frequently lose money on?

I’ve had those questions asked of me many, many times.  In public I almost always give answers that, while true, weren’t entirely complete.  I’d give them this answer about evolution, human curiosity, action at a distance and creating a “magic kingdom“ for long range shooters.  I’d give them the psychology of intermittent rewards.  I would tell them about being able to get positive news coverage for gun owners because it was an unusal event with smart educated people from all over the country (really, it’s essentially from all over North America). Or I would be flippant and give them “Ragnar Benson’s“ quote about having a character defect if you didn’t share our delight with explosives. Sometimes I would tell people who I figured I could trust with the answer to ask me again in private.  That was several years ago.

The politics of this country in regards to gun control have changed.  The turning point has been reached and we have a winning endgame in front of us.  There are still a lot of bigots out there that are trying to make gun owners into second class citizens and politicians that try to use fear of guns to increase their power.  But Federally things have improved in the last five years.  And even in some states like Washington where the Democrats got control of both houses and the governor’s mansion no further restrictions have been implemented recently.  And there are means in place by which you can legally carry your loaded firearm for personal protection in nearly all states.  Alaska now has “Vermont style” concealed carry laws and a few other states are debating it in the legislature.  Even Illinois, a gun owners hell, is debating allowing people to carry concealed firearms.  The war is being won.  We need to keep up the pressure and push the bigots into political extinction rather than let them build up strength and attack us again but if we choose our battles carefully and don’t slack off the victory is ours if we want it.  So, with that in mind I feel much more comfortable in revealing the main reason why I do this thing called Boomershoot.  Because myself and the people I enable will likely not be required to utilize in a life and death situation what we learn from “boomershooting“.  Hence it is unlikely that myself, my friends, and my family will be near the top of a list of people to “question“ in the near future after revealing the primary reason for Boomershoot:

If it ever becomes necessary to start shooting tyrants and “jack booted thugs“ in our country I want as many people on my side as possible.  And I want them to have the equipment and the skills to be able to hit head and chest sized objects many hundreds of yards away.

Boomershoot is about a “magic kingdom” for shooters.  The availability of this magic kingdom is a great motivator for people to acquire the skills and equipment necessary to accomplish the tasks that only a few years ago I thought could come within just a few years.  Do you know how long it was from the time Germany passed their “Weapons Control Act” (our Gun Control Act of 1968 was based on this Nazi law) to when they started the initial, then Final Solution?  The Weapons Control Act was passed in 1938.  Just two to three years from “reasonable” gun laws with the “sporting purpose” test to this (from of a poster I purchased from JPFO):

In Rwanda the time from blissful unawareness of impending doom until the slaughter began was measured in minutes.  There has never been a genocide without a prior implementation of gun control.  It’s trivial to come up with 60 million dead due to gun control in the 20th century.  Other estimates range as high as 200 million.  And it is the prevention of those sort of genocides that is my primary motivation.

CCRKBA blasts bigotry

A few years ago Alan Gottlieb (chairman of  Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms) introduced me to their “new hire”, Dave Workman.  Among his other duties it was Dave’s job to write lots of press releases.  At the time I thought, “That’s nice.  But what will that do for us?”  Since then I have learned a thing or two.  It turns out that if you, in essence, do the work of the reporters and the editors in writing up a story often times they will publish it.  It works much better than calling or writing the reporter and/or editor and trying to get them to write a story on a particular subject or complaining about they way they wrote the last story on your pet topic.  And even if they don’t publish it they will read at least part of it.  You can influence a lot better when you are in communication with them.  If you “hide in the closet“ it is almost trivial for your opponents to define you and make you appear as a monster.  CCRKBA and The Second Amendment Foundation have been pumping out the press releases for some time now. And fairly frequently the releases will get picked up by the major news media.  They are making a difference.

When I worked for Microsoft in Redmond I would see Gottleb on a fairly frequent basis and although we would talk about the anti-gun bigots in those and other terms I would not see any public use of that term.  As Alan explained it to me the left had a monopoly on the term.  Only they could call someone a bigot.  It simply wasn’t possible for someone to call someone on the left a bigot.  That has changed in recent years and it’s good to see.  Here is the most recent example:


Opponents to concealed carry reform in Arizona have stooped to anti-gun bigotry in their efforts to convince Gov. Janet Napolitano to veto legislation that would allow legally-licensed, law-abiding citizens to patronize restaurants and bars, said the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA).

“It is appalling that Steve Chucri, president of the Arizona Restaurant and Hospitality Association, would rely on a poll that essentially has 78 percent of Arizona residents practicing social bigotry against law-abiding gun owners, who prevent crimes almost every day somewhere in America,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “That’s apparently the percentage of poll respondents who, according to what Chucri reportedly told the Arizona Daily Star, ‘oppose the idea of sitting next to someone at a restaurant or bar who is armed’.

“Fifty years ago,” Gottlieb observed, “this kind of cracker mentality was directed at black citizens in Mississippi and Alabama. But whether it is prejudice against racial minorities or law-abiding gun owners of all races, it is still bigoted and just as insidious.”

CCRKBA Executive Director Joe Waldron also found it objectionable that Chucri’s group, in cooperation with the Arizona Tourism Alliance, Arizona Hotel Lodging Association and the Arizona Licensed Beverage Association, are sponsoring an advertising campaign against Senate Bill 1363 that promotes fear, if not outright hysteria, against legally-licensed citizens who simply want to enjoy a meal with their families, in a safe environment.

“We all remember the Luby’s massacre in Texas several years ago,” Waldron said. “That incident prompted citizens to demand concealed carry reform in the Lone Star State. Today, in Texas and more than 30 other states, legally armed citizens are welcome in restaurants, theaters and many other establishments. We’re not sure why Arizona restaurateurs have such a low opinion of firearms owners in their state.

“Perhaps these business groups should have signs printed up with the message, ‘ If you own a firearm, we don’t want your kind in here’,” Waldron added. “Yet legally-armed citizens have proven for years that they are better behaved as a group than the general public, and they actually prevent crimes. It would seem to me that businesses would want such people as customers. In this case, it would appear that nothing is as blind as bigotry.”

With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is one of the nation’s premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States.

It’s a good thing I’m not superstitious

[Rhetorical question alert.] What are the odds?  Analog kid reports:

 Sorry to leave you hanging today, but it is a week before Boomershoot and I am singing “The Broken Tooth Blues” and am off to the dentist.

I left work early yesterday afternoon because of a tooth I chipped the night before. I had the option of seeing my dentist at 3:30 or waiting until Tuesday.  All is fine now.  My dentist smoothed the chipped area (very small and on the back side of the tooth) and didn’t even charge me.  My tongue, which seemed to seek out the only sharp object in my mouth, is healing and things are back to normal.

Quote of the day–Jeff Cooper

By now the British have fairly written into law the position that a personally owned firearm may only be acceptable for “sporting purposes.” Teddy Kennedy used this idea in the 1968 gun law, despite the fact that we in America are protected, at least theoretically, by the Second Amendment, which has nothing whatever to do with sport. Various sorts of legislators are still at it, and the BATF takes the notion of “legitimate sporting purpose” seriously, even though this would appear to be obviated by the supreme law of the land. This is a fight in which we all must continue to participate. Self-defense has nearly come to be a misdemeanor on the face of  it in Britain, where the subject is conditioned with the belief that whatever happens he (or she) must not fight back. If the wimps prevail in the next election, you may be sure that America will then gain on Great Britain on the road to serfdom.

Jeff Cooper
From Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries
Vol. 4, No. 9
August 1996

[Note that this was said in ’96 and his concerns about Great Britain are now being realized. – Joe]

Crime rate using guns is up so ban imitation guns

I have gone from bewilderment to amusement at the firearms situation in the UK.  I used to wonder why the population allowed the politicians to continue breathing as they confiscated their firearms.  It turns out that banning the real thing didn’t make the crime rate go down. That shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that thinks about the problem.  If someone is willing to use illegal violence for some purpose then why would you think they will obey a law against owning a firearm?  And do you think a law banning firearms will be any more effective in reducing the availability to criminals than the laws against the use of recreational drugs?  Now the politicians are proposing to ban imitation guns and knives:

…new figures showed offences involving imitation firearms rocketed by 66% last year, Home Secretary Charles Clarke said he planned to launch a new consultation on a possible ban.

“We will introduce a flagship Violent Crime Reduction Bill within weeks of the General Election,” said Mr Clarke.

“It will tackle the ownership and use of replica firearms and knives, propose tougher sentences for knife and gun crime, and new measures on anti-social behaviour.

It’s reaching the point where the population shouldn’t need firearms to remove these idiots from office.  The entire population should be laughing so hard the politicians flee the country in shame.

Boomershoot update

As Jason at Fish Or Man points out Boomershoot 2005 is getting down to the wire.  Not only in time (eight days) but in number of shooting positions available (seven).  And that doesn’t include the number of entries that probably have been mailed but I haven’t picked up at the Post Office in the last four days.  There have been some local newspaper articles show up which will almost for certain generate a flurry of late entries.  I have received phone calls about the articles but I haven’t seen them yet.

Things are pretty much under control.  I’m late on ordering the staff t-shirts, but most people won’t care about that and probably will get them just in time.  The cardboard boxes I use as target bodies should be waiting for me when I get home tonight.  And the only other thing I need (more blenders) I’ll pick up at Costco tonight.

We are close enough in time to get some weather forecasts.  My son James will be pleased that his declarations about Boomershoot weather will likely be proven correct yet again:

Friday, Apr 29


Mostly cloudy, rain possible High: 72° F Low: 44° F

Saturday, Apr 30 Times of clouds and sun High: 62° F Low: 30° F

Sunday, May 1 Rain High: 54° F Low: 30° F

We’ll see.  Ten days in advance is stretching things some and will almost for certain change some by then.

Quote of the day–John Lott

Doug Weil is wrong to assert that there is a positive relationship between a country’s level of gun ownership and murder or other crimes. Such results are only possible when a very selective set of comparison countries is used. In many countries, such as Finland, New Zealand, Switzerland, and Israel, citizens own guns as frequently as Americans, yet in 1995 Switzerland’s murder rate was 40 percent lower than Germany’s, and New Zealand’s was lower than Australia’s. Finland and Sweden have very similar murder rates but very different gun ownership rates. Israel, with one of the highest gun ownership rates in the world, has a murder rate 40 percent lower than Canada’s. When one studies all countries rather than just a select few, there is no relationship between gun ownership and murder. The televised debate that Weil refers to was sponsored by Handgun Control, they picked the participants, and they insisted that I be the only academic allowed to defend my study at that forum. He apparently forgets about the independent academics who flew to Washington at their own expense to support the integrity of my research. My data set has been made available to academics at 36 universities. No one has had any trouble replicating my results. Anyone who would like to see what Black and Nagin did (e.g., selectively throwing away 86 percent of the sample) should look at the January 1998 Journal of Legal Studies or see my soon to be published book (More Guns, Less Crime).

 John R. Lott, Jr.
 Referring to an article entitled:
 Carrying Concealed Guns is Not the Solution
 by Douglas Weil, Sc.D.
 March 26, 1998