Close Quarters Shock Rifle

I wrote about this last September, but other people have been talking about Zeus which is actually in the field and while very cool doesn’t have near the coolness that Close Quarters Shock Rifle has.  I did some more research on it and found another article.  I can’t talk about the briefing and pictures I saw last summer, but think Startrek Phasor and/or a Starwars light saber:

While I was talking with Pete Bitar, yesterday, I told him that basically, with the XADS Stunstrike CQSR “you’re shooting lightning at people”, to which Pete said something to the effect of “yeah, that’s pretty much it”. What’s interesting about the StunStrike is that the lightning bolt that comes out is visible (just like natural lightning), and has an ending point, like a light saber. Pete told me that the electrical “beam” is both visually and audibly intimidating, and should prove to have a profound psychological effect on people. Basically, it looks and sounds scary, which is usually what you want with a less-lethal device.

Imagine a mob of Allah worshiping thugs trying to storm a US embassy calling us heathens and blasphemers.  A couple of Marines on the roof then educating them on the name of the one true god, Uncle Sam, and strike them down with lightening bolts from above.  I get all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it.


2 thoughts on “Close Quarters Shock Rifle

  1. Then again imagine a group of pro-freedom people having this thing turned on them for pareticipating in an “illegal” protest.

    I simply do not trust the government to wield anything I cannot or do not have. Even if the odds of it being used in a bad way (i.e. to control a freedom loving populace) are slim they’re not non-existent.

    I agree that the u.S. using this on legitimate enemies is a good thing but I don’t think it’s worth the price of having some asshat from the ATFU get his hands on one. & anything of this nature will eventually be used domestically so an ATFU revenuer wouldn’t be out of the question as having acces to it.

    I can almost hear the weasley little thoughts now, “hey – this is soooo coool. If we’d only had a few of these at Waco…I bet it’s even more effective if we increase the power.”

    So good for the troops? Yep. But potentially bad for the people. I’m not saying such devices shouldn’t be persued, but I’d feel a whole lot easier if they hit the civilian market.

  2. I agree with you on all points.

    While the technology is more advanced than that of conventional firearms the technology is not something that is beyond the range of a garage hobbist. There probably are cheap countermeasures available (I can think of some that should work but I haven’t talked to the designers at them or tested them). And currently, at least, a good hunting rifle has a longer range.

    It will be hard to deny access to private citizen because they are “non-lethal” weapons. If anything I worry that it will make it easier to justify banning firearms because of the availability of these devices for personal protection.

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