Maybe I’m just easily amused

I find this incredibly funny:

I saw it coming in November

At about 7:30 central when my fundie meighbors were celebrating the coming apocolypse. I knew then and I know now we’re going to get some nasty foul shit shoved down our throats.
If we aren’t headed to full pitched civil war by this time next year, then it’ll surprise the hell out of me.

The Promise of America

has become an oily, black, bottomless cesspool.

THERE IS NO POLITICAL SOLUTION NOW. We’ve passed that point.

Bouncy Ball, the only time people will be marching in the streets is on their way to the local GITMO.

Did they forget something?  Like maybe it was their political party that has been restricting weapons for the last 20 years?  So who do you think owns all the personal weapons, knows how to use them, and who the instructors are?  I just wish they could see this as a “teaching moment.”

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