Kim arrives in Richland via ‘the long way’

I dropped off the three girls (Xenia and her two friends) in Sunnyside, about 35 miles west of Richland, where they were spending the night with a friend. As I start back to Richland I call and leave a message on her voicemail. She should have been in Richland by then and I hope she has just left her phone in the car while she is visiting a friend in Richland. About 10 minutes later she calls back and is quite agitated. She left Interstate 84 and has been driving on Oregon highway 207, as per her mother’s directions, for about 30 minutes without seeing signs for Pasco, Kennewick or Richland or even Washington State. It turns out she has been driving south on 207 instead of north as her mother believed. Kim is not happy with mother. I tell her not to call her mother and detail her faults. Barb has had enough “fun” for her birthday without dealing with an angry daughter that knows how to push all the “right” buttons. I tell her to drive north, back the way she has come, and I can probably meet her at about the same place she got confused before. I headed south and pulled into a rest stop on I-84 at 19:46, four minutes after she arrived. We utilize the facilities, she ate a cereal bar I had in the van, and then we look at the map together. I give her a walkie-talkie and I lead her back to Richland.

At 21:02 she parks in my driveway–finally. She’s been driving almost constantly for 14 hours. She only stopped for gas and to wait for me at the rest stop. Xenia and friends had put the sheets in the washer before we left but I hadn’t made it back to put them in the dryer yet. Kim doesn’t care, “The bed has blankets, doesn’t it?” “Yes.” “That’s all I need.” I persuaded her to take out her contact lenses, she can use my spare case and solution so she doesn’t need to go back out to the car. She didn’t want any food, just sleep. She kicked off her shoes and got into bed with all her clothes on.  I try to ask her about going to breakfast with me in the morning but she had the blankets pulled almost all the way over her head, like her mother does, is very groggy. I kiss her forehead, turn out the light, and close the door. My baby is safe for the night.

Barbara’s birthday

And I’m not there to comfort her.  I can only listen to the reports on the telephone.

  • High wind warning in effect for her area of operations (home health).
  • Truck accident completely blocks a road to one of her patients.  Her Jeep is able to cross the ditch and bypass the truck by going through a field.
  • Bloody nose starts after a sneeze.  Massive amount of blood all over the inside of her Jeep and her clothes.  Quick Care tells her to go to emergency room.

Just wait until she finds out what her siblings have planned for her at the party on Saturday in Potlatch (call Nancy Amos if you want to attend).

Fake but accurate

No.  I’m not writing about Dan Rather.  Actually it’s Kim du Toit this time.  Publicola has an interest in the document as well.  It’s a document that purports to be:


I remember reading it years ago and the general consensus was that it was fake.  It doesn’t matter.  If it is real that was over 11 years ago and not many of the same people still work there and the ones that are have a completely different plan from then anyway.  And what’s the point in getting upset about it even if it was completely true and up-to-date?  There isn’t anything in there that should surprise anyone.  There are lots of people “out there“ that want to remove all firearms from private ownership.  That they would form an organization and talk about a means to that end surely isn’t a surprise.  If you want to counter their plans then reading questionable intelligence data (I really need to finish my intelligence essay) isn’t the way to go about it.  Read their current plans and propaganda from their own websites as a first defensive step:

Brady Campaign

Join Together Online

Violence Policy Center

There are lots more, particularly at the state and local level, and most have websites.  But as Publicola points out our side needs a plan and to act on it. 

It turns out we do have plans.  Most people just aren’t that in touch with the leaders in the gun rights movement.  How many people attended the Gun Rights Policy Conference last September?  I haven’t been to it for several years (I was a speaker in 1999 and 2000) but I am giving it serious consideration for this fall.  IIRC the 2000 event had about 700 people attend.  Want to do something more than just preach to the choir?  Want to have some influence in the direction we take our fight?  Attend GRPC 2005.  You will be amazed and impressed with the quality of the people involved in our fight.  Make contacts with other activists and team up to make a difference.

Although Greg Hamilton had a different context in mind I think it applies here just as well.

Kim is making good progress

Kim has called me several times this morning to check on minor details.  She is making good progress and is making her way through Oregon now.  I’ll feel better when she parks her pile of junk car in the driveway in front of the house and gives me a hug.

Just so you know what they think of you

From the State Journal Register:

From a police officer’s perspective, the lines between criminals and law-abiding citizens are blurred immensely when you allow everyone to carry a weapon.

“Allow”?  He must think of the average citizen as a child.  Their mindset is so incredibly alien to me.  IF I were in a position of power and had come to the conclusion that some sort of restriction were necessary I would think of it in terms of all things are permitted except for the things we need to deny. Instead it appears these people think in terms of all things are prohibited except that which they specifically allow.  I am pleased to no end the article points out the hypocrisy these same people have:

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley urged state lawmakers Tuesday not to pass a “concealed-carry” law for average Illinoisans, even though his city’s aldermen can carry guns under a little-known statute.

Chicagoans may not be able to carry guns, but their elected leaders technically can under the Illinois Municipal Code. Aldermen can become “conservators of the peace” with police powers if they get special training, and peace officers are exempted from state restrictions on concealed weapons.

When we are done liberating the Mideast we should give serious consideration to liberating the Midwest.

Update: Neanderpundit has a different view on Mayor Daley and hopes he lives to be 300 years old.