KING-TV Evening Magazine program and Boomershoot 2005

I just received email from a producer at the Seattle TV station KING asking about Boomershoot 2005.  I told them we would be thrilled to have their attendance.  Here is their home page.  The producer is John Stofflet.  Does anyone have an idea as to whether they will be friendly or hostile?


3 thoughts on “KING-TV Evening Magazine program and Boomershoot 2005

  1. Kewl news.

    I have never seen this program take on the topics of firearms, shooting sports, explosives or anything like Boomershoot at all.

    They are somewhat of a “isn’t this section of old downtown quaint” and “best scenic day trip driving routes” kind of show, if I remember correctly. They’re critically acclaimed, but not overly critical.

    I’ll make sure to watch for stuff from Stofflet, but I can’t picture this show getting all ’60 Minutes’ on you.

    BTW, I have to keep this new info from the wife, or she’ll insist that I shave and not wear anything OD on Sunday.

  2. John Curley is the host of Evening Magazine. They tend to be sort of fluffy in their coverage, light hearted “Doesn’t this look like fun?” sort of stuff. They have covered local paragliding a few times (another hobby of mine) and have always presented the sport in a good light. I would expect that for Boomershoot they’d show people laughing and having a good time.

    I guess I’ll have to remember to take a jacket to cover my “670 Grains of Diplomacy” t-shirt….

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