First we nuke Medina

As I mentioned the other day I had dinner with a friend last week.  He commented on the insanity of Bush’s State of the Union speech if you read between the lines.  I got a comment on that post defending Bush which I didn’t bother to respond to in public.  I am in close agreement with Bush on the issue and it coming from this particular friend of mine it shouldn’t really be considered as disagreement with the “Bush Doctrine“.  My friend is well aware that he cannot claim any high ground on the issue of sanity.  His solution for winning the war on terror is a case in point:

  1. We tell the residents of Medina we are going to nuke the city in two weeks.  Anyone that believes Allah will save them or prevent it should stay.
  2. Medina is converted to glass on schedule.
  3. We tell the world that if so much as a US pizza restaurant is bombed we will nuke a city in response.  As soon as we find a piece of a turban or a scrap of their beard another city will be converted to glass ASAP and without warning.

We had enough nukes to deal with Russia so we sure as hell have enough to deal with the Arabs.

I suggested perhaps the Muslim extremist psychology might not respond in the same way that he expected.  His response was:

Their psychology has been adequate for them to survive for the last thousand years.  This is about their survival.  They will figure it out or they will cease to exist, either way we win.

His solution for dealing with the existence of Osama bin Laden is similar in that it is simple, ruthless, and nuclear.


4 thoughts on “First we nuke Medina

  1. In relation to your post below; if we nuke all the a-rab oil, it will become radioactive, right? Perhaps the new oil will produce glow in the dark smog, which will make it easier to find, and vacuum up.


    great post.

  2. Emotionally satisfying, perhaps, but not effective. The terrorists would suddenly have a hundred million Muslims willing to die to kill Americans–and a million of them would be here in the U.S.

  3. Hmmm… that is a possible beneficial unintended consquence I hadn’t thought of. And if it glows bright enough we could turn off some of the street lights and save some energy there. It sounds like a win-win situation to me. Where’s the button we need to push to get those nukes on their way?


  4. And that wouldn’t include the ones willing to kill thinking they wouldn’t get caught.

    As I said, my friend does not have any great claims on sanity.

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