We are winning

Here are some data points:

From this last article:

Under the combined impact of US pressure and rumblings on the home front, democratic moves have snowballed across the Middle East in recent weeks and brought in timid changes to Arab regimes fearful of reform.

Egypt has become the latest country to break with the autocratic order that has come to define regional politics and make a small concession to a cautious yet unprecedented democratic push.

President Hosni Mubarak took Egyptians and the rest of the world by surprise Saturday when he proposed multi-candidate direct presidential polls, replacing a 50-year-old system whereby a single candidate was vetted by the army before being submitted to a popular vote.

The fact that there are thousands of protesters against the terrorists in Iraq is a very good sign and I suspect this attitude is a good part of the reason why bin Laden is telling his top commander in Iraq to move his area of operations to the U.S.  They have lost the battle in Iraq and they know it.  Syria is trying to play friendly with the US and Iraq as their power wanes.  Egypt claims to be moving towards freedom.  Iran is a concern but overall it’s almost all good news from the Middle East.

I, as well as most other people that watch these sort of things, are amazed we haven’t had another attack on U.S. soil since 9-11.  That bit of good fortune may change as the extremists realize they aren’t going to win in Iraq.  But we got nearly four years of preparation in before they decided to focus their sights on us again.  I just hope our intelligence network is working well enough to stop the vast majority of the attempts on our homeland.  That reminds me–I should go visit the guy upstairs to see if the stuff I have been giving him has been ignored or put to good use.