Boomershoot prep weekend

I did a lot of preparation for Boomershoot 2005 this weekend.  I finished up reducing the volume of the 8“ target bodies so the neighbors don’t have so much stuff falling off the walls.  I didn’t do all the 8“ target bodies, just more than enough for this event.  I changed my method to do this.  The egg cartons were just too time consuming.  I switched to using the expanding sealing foam used in home repair.  It was much, much faster even if it was more expensive.  Here is a picture of some of the target bodies:

Also note the colors of the lids at the base of the stack of target bodies. I’m painting them different colors to help the shooter/spotter teams identify which target they are talking about.  There will be a white as well as the yellow, red, and “cardboard brown” shown in the picture above.  I have painted all the yellow and red lids I need for the 8“ targets just the white lids remain.  I’ll do the six inch lids and the rest of the 8“ lids sometime in March.

These are the new 4” targets we will be using for the main event on Sunday.  These are cardboard boxes with internal dimensions of 4x4x2 inches.  These targets will hold slightly more of the “reactive recipe“ than the old 4“ diameter targets did.  They come from the factory white so there will only be the three colors of them.  The clinic will use up the last of the 4” diameter targets with the plastic lids we used last year.

In other news I just sent in the comments from a number of proof readers (family and friends) on a article that is being written for a shooting magazine on the Boomershoot by someone that has attended the last two events.  It looks really good but we don’t know for certain if the magazine will actually publish it or not.  I doubt that it will appear before this years event so it probably won’t help attendance this year but it might for next year.

Next weekend, assuming the weather is favorable, we will be doing a bunch of experiments with new mixes to increase the sensitivity and reliability of detonation.  Then on the 27th of March we have a “private party“ to put on.  This is going to be a busy month for Boomershoot stuff.

I got an inquiry from someone in Wisconsin this weekend.  He will be a first from that state if he is able to make it.


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  1. Joe,

    Encourage the boy (or girl, as the case may be.) It seems the more representative it is the better press. I think I may have an editorialist at a small-ass town ready to do a piece on Boomershoot.

    Just my 2 cents.


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