Ry’s van went lame

Saturday Ry stopped by and left his cat with my daughter Xenia while he went on a road trip. I was worried about the dependability of his van and he jokingly thanked me for lending him mine.  HA!  I told him that if he broke down within 300 miles I would come and rescue him, but if it was a 1000 miles away to forget it.  He left Sunday and had his first breakdown at about 500 miles away on Monday.  He limped on into town on his own and $93 poorer continued on his way.  Tonight he made it almost exactly 1300 miles away before breaking down the second time

I’m afraid this road trip is going to be one of those “well thought out” plans hatched from his “incompletely myelinated” brain that “seemed like a good idea at the time”.  He’s (technically) an adult and just as long as he doesn’t do something that gets him a “felony dumbass” conviction that “insurance doesn’t cover” and he makes it back in time for Boomershoot I guess I don’t have anything to complain about.  But I’m almost certain that his spreadsheet for this adventure has a “need for more columns“.  OMG, it’s getting close to “Superbowl Sunday” isn’t it?

See Ry’s dictionary to understand the significance of the quoted phrases in the previous paragraph.


One thought on “Ry’s van went lame

  1. See, I didn’t know the Superbowl was coming up until I took off and it was on the radio. It was then I began to worry.

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