Iraq election, WW III, etc.

I’ve been reading and listening and without doing 2+2=4 type of calculations just getting a gut feel for what is happening and what will happen I have a prediction to make.  Prophecy is always tough to get right and it’s easy to end up looking like an idiot.  But my guess is that 10 years from now the war we are fighting against the Muslim Jihad warriors will be over and election day, January 30, 2005, in Iraq will be the equivalent of the battle of Gettysburg in the U.S. civil war.  The turning point in the war.  Although there will still need to be a lot of fighting, deaths, and there will be lots of screaming and wailing by the losers (including the Democrats in our country), the end will known to anyone that studies the problem.  There could be something bad things happen, we could still get some nukes detonated in a few of our cities, but the days of the Muslim extremists will be numbered and we will be counting them down.


2 thoughts on “Iraq election, WW III, etc.

  1. I wish I could share your optimism on the extremist muslim problem but I just can’t. This problem will continue as long as we do not have the moderate muslim mullas calling for a halt of the terrorism. Until the mullas make it a priority to educate this out of their people it won’t stop. I personally don’t think I will see the end of the war on terror. Your daughters may but us….

  2. It could be 20 years instead of 10. And I doubt the mullahs will ever become ‘moderate’. They will just become irrelevant.

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