Proof my plan is working

Getting Equipped for the Boomershoot.  Remington 700 action, Hart heavy varmit barrel, HS Precision Stock, 8-32×50 scope, Precision Rifle Clinic…

Total cost: Too much for me to admit to in public

Take that!  You GFWs!!!!  Giving you something to REALLY worry about.  Ahhh… All warm and fuzzy inside. 


4 thoughts on “Proof my plan is working

  1. While I am glad that I was able to make your day, my wallet or my wife are.

    The ‘Total Cost’ line could also read “Too much to tell the wife about”.

    Thanks for the inspiration and the linkage Joe.

  2. My wife still hasn’t let me forget about the Boomershoot fire in ’99 that cost $700+ out of pocket. Never mind the loans for the storage magazine last year…

  3. The first year I bought a Ruger M77 Mark 2 and a scope and a bunch of ammo. I gave it away after I couldn’t hit anything; I hit a target with my MAK-90.

    The next year I bought a Bushmaster and a Leupold and some kick-ass ammo. About $2500 all told – and it’s been great.

    Fortunately, my ex is now my ex so I’m accountable to nobody.

    Unfortunately, I’m making 1/6 of what I was making when she wasn’t my ex so my budget is tiny.

    c’est la vie!

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