Modifiied target bodies for Boomershoot 2005

Due to neighbor complaints (I could sort of understand their concerns when stuff kept falling off the walls) I’m reducing the target volume on the largest targets this year.  I’m gluing part of an egg carton into the bottom of the 8“ target bodies prior to filling them with explosives.

I’ve measured the capacity and now the 8” targets have just about the same capacity as the 6” targets while still offering a larger shooting area.  I can get all the old egg cartons I want at the recycling center but the time involved is almost painful.  Including the cutting, fitting, and gluing it’s taking right at five minutes per target.  Since I plan to have 60 of these size targets that means I’m going to be putting five hours of prep time just for these targets.  Well I guess the consolation is that if I loose money on the event this year it will reduce my loss in terms of $/hour.  Instead of earning -$1.00/hour I’ll earn -$0.98/hour or some such thing.  That’s better–isn’t it?