Has anyone read “Where Freedom Reigns”?


It sounds sort of like an Unintended Consequences story line.  From the website:

The year is 2018, seven years after the successful end of an American-led world war on terrorism, but the nation is now faced with an even more horrible prospect: a war against an enemy it can not defeat—itself. In the face of the gathering storm clouds of war, Jeremiah Kincaid, 59, the Republican Speaker of the House, struggles to mediate a growing firestorm of public debate over gun control. On the left is Alexander Webster, 49, the Democratic President, who halfway through his final term, decides to make the elimination of guns from America his legacy. On the right is Edward Morrissey, 61, the Republican Governor of Idaho, who bitterly opposes the President’s position.

Exacerbating the situation, militia seize a gun club built on Federal land in the Bitterroot Mountains of Idaho, which the Park Service had closed. After losing patience with Morrissey’s handling of the problem, Webster sends in Army Rangers, and in the ensuing battle many men die. The militia’s handsome leader, Thomas Porter, 34, escapes. He is a multi-billionaire with a past shrouded in mystery. The massacre on the mountain sets in motion a sequence of events that eventually leads to the secession of Idaho from the Union. As the country falls apart around her, Sarah McGill, 34, a rising television network star, finds herself falling in love with two men; a dashing Army officer, Jake Kincaid, 36, the son of the Speaker of the House, and the enigmatic Thomas Porter; and what makes this drama of the human heart all the more poignant is that Jake and Thomas are long-lost brothers.

And volume two:

Driven by emotion rather than logic, President Webster approves an ill-advised plan to kidnap Governor Morrissey using Army Special Forces. However, the attempt fails, which drives the governments of six other western states to secede and form the Continental States of America with Morrissey as its President. Eventually, President Webster is left with no choice but to declare war on the new confederacy. The brutal civil war that ensues lasts for seven days and involves the most ferocious and devastating tank battles in history. By the time it ends, the blood of over one hundred thousand soldiers has been spilled on the savaged soil of the sorrowed nation.


7 thoughts on “Has anyone read “Where Freedom Reigns”?

  1. Haven’t read this one. I did read “Enemies: Foreign and Domestic.” Unintended Consequences appears to have kicked off a new genre of books – pissed off gun owners having their revenge against their liberal oppressors. I liked UC – in fact I’m re-reading it right now. But books that followed it tend to paint their characters in extreme colors of black and white. The pro-gunners can do no wrong even while committing heinous acts, meanwhile all the anti-gunners are vicious, corrupt, venal characters with not a shred of redeeming social value.

    Although I enjoy the idea of the genre, it woudl be nice to read one of these that actually would classify as literature, instead of a hack job. Virtually any pro-gun book that comes out instantly gets rave reviews across the gun forums, just because of its message. No matter that they read like a freshman college English composition project. Based on the liner notes you quote, I have no illusions that Where Freedom Reigns will set any new standards.

  2. Yeah. I’m not all that impressed either. I read “B-Zone : a Novel of the Gun” and it’s sequel with similar feelings. Same thing with Stephen Hunters books “Point of Impact”, “Time to Hunt”, and “Black Light”. I like the genre but I’m virtually certain my 16 year old daughter (http://www.xeniahs.org) writes better than they do (she is VERY good for a 16 year old).

    Jon Ross said, “Sometime n 2005” for his next book.

  3. I doubt “Joe” has read my book based on his comments. If he had he would know that it’s not in the same “genre” as either fanatical pro-gun or anti-gun books. It’s a war story and he and others might be interested to know that the Commanding General of the 1st Cavalry Division in Baghdad liked it and has asked for me to send him more copies so that his staff can read it.

    R.A.R Clouston

  4. You are right, I have not read your book. I was wondering whether it was any good. Thanks for the clarification.

  5. I am currently half way through book one. After some misgivings on what seems to be too much right wing religious views I am still wondering in what direction (left or right) Bob is taking me :-). I do find the religion a little off putting but the story line has my attention and I am enjoying it.

  6. The right wing religious stuff would bother me too. Thanks for the info.

  7. Joe

    I’d like to hear from Rob to see if he finished book one and what he thought of it. I believe that anyone who reads my books will see that I take a fair and balanced approach to the issue of guns.

    R.A.R. Clouston

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