Whoo hooo!!!! Bomb help problem solved

I just had a counter intelligence (CI) guy leave my office.  He viewed my graphs, some of the email I receive, and described it as “a mini gold mine”.  He was pleased I have information going back to 2000, that the site is still up, and I’m willing to work with them (I offerred to give them the portion of the logs where bombs were mentioned)..

He works with web logs on a daily basis and has tools he wrote himself to parse the web logs.  I’m so thrilled.  Finally I can get this information to the proper agencies and don’t have to worry if I have “done enough” to prevent some kid from blowing up his school, or some terrorist wanting to float a barge with a ton of explosives down the Thames.

It’s kind of ironic, the CI guy’s office is directly above mine in this building.  I’ve been in this office for two and a half years and the guy that was the answer to my concerns was so close.

Update: I just got a call from the CI guy.  He has a “customer” for the bomb logs.  I’ll sort through my log files and deliver the bomb related stuff to him next week.


2 thoughts on “Whoo hooo!!!! Bomb help problem solved

  1. You have those kind of hits and are “surprised” that there is a CI guy in the office above yours? Which planet are you living on? Not planet paranoid, obviously.


  2. Yeah, well, the building I work in is named “National Security Building”. Lots of people who don’t advertise their job titles exist all around me.

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