Repression in the UK grows worse

I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll keep saying it.  The U.K. needs to be liberated.  The latest story is:

A Conservative Parliamentary candidate has been suspended after he was pictured on the internet with a range of guns, rifles and a hunting knife.

An inquiry is now to be held into why Robert Oulds, the prospective MP for Slough in Berkshire, appeared with the weapons in the camera phone images.

A party spokesman said: “We take this matter extremely seriously.

“We have suspended Mr Oulds from the list of candidates, and as candidate for Slough, with immediate effect.”

The guns and knife were all legal (as if such a law were any more valid than one outlawing political expression).  There were no laws broken.  No one was threatened.  Why do they allow such repressive politicians to continue breathing?

Others have weighed in on this too:

Of course we have Massachusetts, Illinois, California, and Canada that should be liberated first so we can’t exactly run over to England and help those guys out until we clean out the local tyrants first.