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I’m keeping track of all the blogger posts on the status page for Boomershoot 2005.  So far it looks like nine different bloggers will be attending.  This includes Ry and I so it’s not quite as big a deal as you might think.  But I’m still very pleased.  This might be the year that I make a little money and get to pay back the loans I made to cover the building of the explosives magazine.  Kim du Toit in particular has generated a ton of web traffic and numerous entries for both last year and this year.

Thanks everyone.


2 thoughts on “ updated blogger list

  1. Joe,

    The other thing one has to keep in mind is the shit that will be bouncing around after 2005. You took a unique approach with blogs this year and, unfortunately, I think it will have limited payback in the short run.

    But when one considers 2006, it is a long term investment. Even if I don’t hit shit, I can mutter for the next 12 months about having the chance to blow shit up.

    I think it is wise approach, but I do not think the payoff will be in the short term.

    Just my small piece of mind.



  2. Entries are running significantly ahead of last year. And so far only one blogger (Kim du Toit) has given me the 100+ hits and is planning on coming. He has generated a half dozen entries or more entries for me.

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