Quote of the day– Jan Egeland

Hundreds of millions of Kalashnikovs, M-16s and other automatic rifles were stored during the Cold War and these stores are leaking all over the world with disastrous consequences. It’s not tanks or big weapons that kill, it’s small arms. We cannot ban small arms such as revolvers, pistols and other light weapons that the police, security guards and hunters legally carry all over the world… We want to build a global network of like-minded NGOs and governments with the aim to create new standards to control small arms transfers which will be as effective as the regulations covering big arms.

 Jan Egeland
 Head of the Norwegian Initiative on Small Arms Transfers
 and former deputy foreign minister under Norway’s former
 Labour government, interviewed by Reuters December 19, 1997.
 From: http://www.prepcom.org/low/pc7/index.html#5 as of 01/07/99


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day– Jan Egeland

  1. Thank heavens that it’s the small arms that are really dangerous! That means us private citizens have a fightin’ chance when the UN armored divisions come lookin’ for us to collect those very small arms! 🙂

  2. Englund is a prick. I don’t think that is arguable. Any self-satisfied twat, who thinks that citizens (not subjects) of another nation should be taxed more and their founding document changed, can just kiss my pimply ass.

    Where this sniveling bereaucrat finds the stones to say shit like this is beyond me.


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