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I was reading this article and it reminded me to go check out my earning from Google AdSense (on the left side of my blog).  Since I only get about 50 vists a day I didn’t expect much and I was actually pleasantly surprised to find that on the average I have been earning $0.05/day with my blog.  Sometime today I expect I will break the $1.00 total earnings mark since I begain AdSense in the middle of December.  [sarcasm alert]I can’t wait to tell Barb that I’m ready to quit my day job and just stay home, write on my blog, and go for walks and cuddle with her rather than drive 150 away to earn money and only come home on weekends.[end sarcasm]  And probably it’s not anything that is going to change right away.  According the article:

Industry-wide, ad executives offered plenty of reasons for avoiding the blogosphere. “We’re very interested in the medium and would love to explore it, but our clients are particularly cautious,” explained John Montgomery, CEO of WPP Group’s mOne North America. “Lifestyle blogs could work very well–fishing, or tennis, or something–but who’s interested in that? The problem is that the blogs generating all the buzz are those that our clients think too risky to associate with.”

And since in a large part I’m about guns and explosives I suspect I will not be a darling of the advertisers anytime soon.  Especially with Google since guns are against their policy.  And if the ratio holds ($0.001 per vist) even bloggers like Kim du Toit with about 10K visits per day will only get about $10.00/day in income.  I’m not sure, but that might actually pay for his bandwidth.  Neither of us are going to be quiting our day jobs anytime soon.


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