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Analog Kid at Random Nuclear Strike posts about  “Senor Mollbot” at What Hath I Wrought picking up his new rifle to be used at Boomershoot 2005.  They are shooting partners for the event and sent in their entry for the May 2005 event in late July of 2004–the very first entry I received.  I won’t go into the details on all mishaps that happened with their check (some my fault, some Analog Kid’s).  And also note there is a Boomershoot 2005 banner up over there.

Then Kirk over at says his entry is “in the mail”, he has his hotel reserved, and is in the process of getting his airplane tickets.  There is also a Boomershoot banner and link up on his site for which I am very grateful.

I also would like to note that all three of these guys are buying/building new rifles for Boomershoot 2005.  It looks like my secret plan is working…


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  1. My plan is more specific than Kim’s and semi-secret. His is “a good start” towards mine.

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