Explosives tests were disappointing

Ry and I, with the help of a few spectators, tested four different mixes this afternoon.  One was a control, the same stuff we used at Boomershoot 2004.  We could only get one of six targets with the mix with the new fuel to go off with the .22 LR.  None of the old fuel without or without grit would detonate with the .22 LR.  However with the silica grit we did get smoke from all of them.  The coarse iron grit didn’t do anything interesting at all.  I still have a free source of very fine iron grit that I plan to test out sometime.  Everything detonated just fine, assuming I got a solid hit, with the .223.  Of course I was only about 10 to 15 yards away so the .223 was just a means of “disposal“.

As always, “More tests are needed.”

I think I did fairly well on the IPSC match. I did poorly on the last stage but it wasn’t exactly a catastrophe either. I expect I’ll be #2 or #3. There is a small chance of coming in #1.