More tests for Joe’s special recipe

Tomorrow after the IPSC match Ry and I are going to be testing a modification for the recipe used at Boomershoot 2005.  I sort of stumbled upon an ingredient to use for the fuel in our explosives that at first glance looked to be cheap and easily available at the local hardware store.  In addition it has a lower auto ignition temperature and a higher heat of combustion.  Good things for making the explosive a little more sensitive and more powerful.  But looking closer it appears what we can get at the local store is mixed with water.  Water will be a problem for us.  I distalled out a few ounces for test purposes but unless it does surprisingly well it won’t be used.  Ignoring the cost of the distallation the price for the end product will be the same as what we are currently paying.  And buying the pure product isn’t any cheaper–at least from a quick survey of some chemical supply web sites.

Oh, well.  We have another thing to test as well.  We are going to add some iron “filings” (actually from a bandsaw) to see if it will make things easier to detonate and/or give us some cool sparks.

Anyone in the neighborhood (Moscow/Lewiston Idaho) is welcome to stop by and watch.  I expect we will start on the reactive target stuff about 13:00 or so.