Fish Or Man pulls the plug

As reported by The Smallest Minority and by visiting FishOrMan’s blog it’s apparent that he has gutted his posts regarding his ‘adventures’ open carry in Washington State.  I’m not surprised.  If I were his lawyer I would have him keep things much “closer to his chest”.  The less your opponent knows about you the better.  The exception would be if, in general the prosecuting attorney isn’t really your opponent.  Such as in the case of an affirmative defense of some sort like “Yes, I threw a brick into the neighbor’s window then fired my gun through the broken window killing eight occupants–who just happened to be gang raping the neighbor’s 12-year old girl and their cat.”  In that case your winning trophies at “combat shooting“ at the local IPSC matches, collection of full-capacity magazines, and your books on the “stopping power” of various bullet types is just fine for the prosecuting attorney to read up on.

So… It appears to me that we won’t have much more news from FishOrMan on what is going on.  If I can manage it I’ll show up in court to take notes and report back.

Here are direct links to track his cases in Spokane:

He supposedly has a court date in Ellensburg on January 3rd (IIRC).  But that is a bit farther than I want to drive and besides I can’t find it on the court system web site.


2 thoughts on “Fish Or Man pulls the plug

  1. I think I remember being in the minority here, but allow me the one little pleasure of saying “I told you so!” I know it’s not over yet, but young Jason is in a quandary of his own creation.

    Has it ever crossed your mind that he might just be a total asshole?

  2. I don’t recall ever being in opposition to you here or anywhere. To the best of my abilities I wasn’t taking sides. And even so I really don’t see anything to say “I told you so” about yet. Preventing the prosecuting attorney from getting possibly damaging information on the advice of his lawyer (speculation on my part, I admit) doesn’t seem to me to be an admission of being an asshole in all aspects of his life. And yes, that thought has crossed my mind. Which is why I want to meet him and see how he “performs” in front of a judge.

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