Insufficient lack of ethics

Democrat Christine Gregoire will be certified as the winner over Republican Dino Rossi in the Washington State governor’s on Thursday.  The Republicans are considering a challenge:

Republicans are demanding a list of voters in Washington’s most populous county as the party considers a court challenge of Democrat Christine Gregoire’s razor-thin victory in the governor’s race, officials said Monday.

Chris Vance, state Republican party chairman, said officials would decide whether to challenge the recount results after studying the voter rolls from King County, a Democrat stronghold that includes Seattle.

“We’re mostly posing questions,” he said. “King County is where we saw the votes changing. King County is the one county that was allowed to take ballots that were declared dead in November and bring them back to life in December.”

I don’t think Rossi has a chance.  They are far too timid.  I think the root problem is they have an insufficient lack of ethics to do battle with the Democrats in such a close race and win.