Quote of the day–Theodore Hass

Anti-gun-ownership politicians are very dangerous to a free society.  Liberty and freedom can only be preserved by an armed citizenry.  I see creeping fascism in America, just as in Germany, a drip at a time; a law here, a law there, all supposedly passed to protect the public.  Soon you have total enslavement.  Too many Americans have forgotten that tyranny often masquerades as doing good.

Theodore Hass
Former prisoner of the infamous Dachau Concentration Camp

Great write up on al-Qaeda training tapes

As I have mentioned before I attended John Holschen’s class on the al-Qaeda training tapes.  Other than actually taking the class this news report gives the best detail on the contents of the class I have seen.  A sample:

The training video shows al-Qaida operatives practicing the following kinds of assaults:

  • using pickup trucks with shooters concealed in the bed of the trucks;
  • using motorcycles as a shooting platform for drive-bys and assassinations;
  • execution of prisoners;
  • ambushes of law-enforcement officers;
  • residential assassinations;
  • assassination on a golf course using a rocket-propelled grenade and rifle fire;
  • drive-up kidnapping of target walking on a street;
  • use of tunnels, storm drains and sewers for infiltration during urban raids;
  • rappelling from rooftops of buildings to make entry on upper floors;
  • use of motorcycles for grenade attacks; and
  • raids on buildings with large numbers of occupants – perhaps schools or office buildings.

Analysts point out that all scenarios involving prisoners and hostages ended in execution. None included plans for negotiated settlements for escape by terrorists.

“They plan to kill the prisoners and die in place,” wrote Holschen.

There is no point in complying with orders, they say. Those who do not resist ultimately will be rewarded with ritual execution in front of television cameras, according to the tactics and techniques captured on this video.

 When asked if these techniques are intended for use in the U.S., one military intelligence operative said without hesitation, “Yes.”

Read it all.  This is WW III and whether you realize it or not if you are not a Muslim you are considered a combatant.

bin Laden calls it WW III

And I thought I was the only one opening calling this World War III.  The recently released audio tape of Osama bin Laden has him calling it that also:

The statement, peppered with Islamic verses and poems as is customary of bin Laden messages, urged Muslims around the world to take note that the most “pressing issue” of the day is the “third world war” waged by the “Crusader Zionist alliance” against Muslims.

Emphasis added.

Insufficient lack of ethics

Democrat Christine Gregoire will be certified as the winner over Republican Dino Rossi in the Washington State governor’s on Thursday.  The Republicans are considering a challenge:

Republicans are demanding a list of voters in Washington’s most populous county as the party considers a court challenge of Democrat Christine Gregoire’s razor-thin victory in the governor’s race, officials said Monday.

Chris Vance, state Republican party chairman, said officials would decide whether to challenge the recount results after studying the voter rolls from King County, a Democrat stronghold that includes Seattle.

“We’re mostly posing questions,” he said. “King County is where we saw the votes changing. King County is the one county that was allowed to take ballots that were declared dead in November and bring them back to life in December.”

I don’t think Rossi has a chance.  They are far too timid.  I think the root problem is they have an insufficient lack of ethics to do battle with the Democrats in such a close race and win.

TSA gives tips for smuggling explosives

It’s not the intent to give people tips on smuggling things past the screeners but that is the effect as reported by NewsMax:

…the government has ordered airport security personnel to avoid touching female passengers between their breasts when performing patdowns.

Security screeners now will keep their hands to the “chest perimeter” of women unless detection equipment picks up the possibility that they are hiding explosives between their breasts.

The new method takes into consideration passenger discomfort while remaining steadfast in mitigating risks, said Transportation Security Administration spokesman Mark Hatfield.

The nation’s 45,000 screeners are being told to pat down the perimeter of the chest, backsides and abdomen, effective Thursday.

I suppose it makes as much sense as anything they are doing now.  Unless they are doing body cavity searches and completely disassemble all carry-on materials people will get things through anyway so I can’t see that it matters if they give terrorists a few “search free” zones on the outside of the body.

It’s all a waste of time and money.  It’s time to implement option 8 and use the saved resources for something more productive.