John Holschen family tragedy

I’ve taken a number of classes from Insights Training and some of them were from John Holschen.  John taught my entire family Defensive Folding Knife.  I took the class twice, the first time without the rest of my family and at that class John’s wife Martha was there to help teach the class.  John also taught Al Qaeda: Training and Tactics for Intl Terrorism which I took as well.

Recently John has been in Iraq as a security contractor.  While he was over there he got a call on December 15th.  His family had been in an auto accident.  One of his 18 year-old daughters (a twin stayed at home that day) was killed, his 15 year old daughter was seriously injured and is still in a coma.  His wife and and sons, ages 9 and 12, were also injured.

It’s really broke me up to read about this.  I have an 18 year-old daughter that isn’t the most safety minded person and I keep thinking of her.  She drove to Spokane yesterday and is supposed to be back today.

Thanks to Ry for giving me a pointer to this blog site which supplied me with the info on John and his family.


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  1. I read this last night, and regardless of the frequency of such things, it’s horrible. For whatever it’s worth, I’m thinking of it, and hoping.

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