Quote of the day — Thomas K. Graziano/Jeff Cooper

Three goblins gain entry to house and ask maid, at pistol point, where child is. Maid says that she doesn’t know. Mother walks into room. Goblins ask mother. Mother tells them same. Second maid sees goblins and screams. Crowd gathers to see what’s happening. Goblins fire to scare crowd away. Big mistake – most neighbors are military or security types. Goblins retreat into house and attempt escape across roof and out into street. First goblin is shot in leg and promptly beaten to death. Second goblin is shot in leg, beaten, and left for dead. (Made it alive to hospital; unknown if he lived.) Third goblin manages to make it to police where he falls on knees and begs officers to arrest him. Neighbors unhappy about arrest since it ruined their scores on goblin catching.

Big difference in reactions between Americans and Guatemalans.”

Thomas K. Graziano,
April 18, 1994,
Guatemala City, Guatemala

From Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries
Vol. 2, No. 7
3 June 1994

I decided to allow Google AdSense

As you can see there are now Google ads on my blog.  I decided I made a poor gamble and lost my ‘bet’ so now I need to “pay up”.  I can terminate them at anytime so if I get too annoyed with them I will do that.  With the latest news on the Second Amendment being considered an individual right by the Justice Department and there not being any evidence that gun control prevents crime I think I will try pushing for a removal of there no firearms or ammunition policy again.

Momentum to drive them into oblivion

The Justice Department just released a report that could give us a bunch of momentum in our fight to restore our lost civil rights:

…we conclude that the Second Amendment secures a personal right of individuals, not a collective right that may only be invoked by a State or a quasi-collective right restricted to those persons who serve in organized militia units. Our conclusion is based on the Amendment’s text, as commonly understood at the time of its adoption and interpreted in light of other provisions of the Constitution and the Amendment’s historical antecedents. Our analysis is limited to determining whether the Amendment secures an individual, collective, or quasi-collective right.

Wonderful news.  Now the not quite so good news:

We do not consider the substance of that right, including its contours or the nature or type of governmental interests that would justify restrictions on its exercise, and nothing in this memorandum is intended to address or call into question the constitutionality, under the Second Amendment, of any particular limitations on owning, carrying, or using firearms.

I haven’t read the whole thing yet.  It’s long, lots of history, and lots of detail. 

Now if we can use this to drive the anti-gun people into total oblivion.  I want them struggling to keep NBC (Nukes, Biological, and Chemical) restrictions.

I stand behind my prediction

I said Gregoire would “win“ the governors race.  It seems they just can’t stop finding more ballots in King County:

With Washington state in the middle of a recount of its amazingly close governor’s race, election officials in Seattle’s King County entered a warehouse Friday and found a plastic tray containing 150 misplaced ballots.

The discovery brings the number of belatedly discovered ballots to 723 in the heavily Democratic county potentially enough to swing the election to Democrat Christine Gregoire.

I really, really, want to be wrong on this.  Gregoire is very anti-gun.