The FBI gets another bomb builder tip

As I noted the other day gets lots of hits from people looking for bomb building help.  For the most part I just ignore the hits although I do look at most of them.  This morning however I saw one that was very interesting to me.  I’ll be keeping the details non-public to avoid tipping off future bomb builders but ask me in person sometime and I’ll tell you the details.  The bottom line is that even though I have seen thousands of these hits I have never bothered to contact law enforcement about them–until today.  I went to and gave them all the information.

Tonight when I have access to my log files again I’ll be doing a graph of the number of hits per day I have been getting over the past year.  That might be interesting to the FBI as well.  There might be some sort of other ‘interesting’ information I can mine out of the log files also.  I’ll need to think about it some more.  There are some pretty nifty tools here at work I have access to as well that might help in visualizing the data.

Update: I once did send an email to Israel police based only on the log files.  Below is my graph of the hits per month of people doing a search for bomb building help for the year of 2004 so far.  Note that December is only about half over and if it continues at this rate it will be about 800 hits.

Update 2: I had an error in my script for counting the number of hits.  Also I’ve updated the graph to include hits through December 17th.