You have to love the French

From ABC News:

French training exercise leads to explosive mistake

It was supposed to have been a harmless exercise, but police at Paris’ main airport managed to send a package of plastic explosive winging around the world and were still looking for it on Saturday.

Fortunately, “it is no more dangerous than a bar of chocolate,” said a source at the military’s information department.

Gendarmes at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport placed the 150 gram block of explosive in a bag on a conveyor belt to find out whether their sniffer dogs were able to detect it.

During what was described as a “lapse of attention,” a baggage handler put the suitcase with checked luggage being sent to an aircraft hold.

Police said the explosive could have been placed on any of about 80 flights.

Airlines were alerted but officials said the explosive represented no danger since it does not react to shock or fire and did not have a detonator.

The military source described it as “totally inoffensive”.

Over at Jihad Watch, they put an Inspector Clouseau spin on it.  Very cute.

And I think I will quote their “totally inoffensive” line if I ever get caught carrying some plastic explosives onboard a plane.  And no, you don’t get to use my guns, explosives making equipment or my wife while I’m in prison for 25 years either.