Requirements for congress critters

It was pointed out to me by Kirk in the comments to my last post that the bill where they banned butane lighters on airplanes was about 3000 pages long.  Almost for certain no single person read the entire bill and probably only a few realized the idiotic restriction was in there.  The idiots were the people that put that provision in to begin with.  Some of the others I can almost express a little bit of tolerance for.  But 3000 pages?  That should have taken them a year to go through with a magnifying glass, to debate it, to revise it, and think about all the consequences.  It affects the entire world and they allowed a vote without everyone having read the entire thing?  Before they are allowed to vote on a bill they should have to pass a quiz on it that had at least one question from every page just to make sure they really knew what they are voting on.  If they don’t pass with a ‘C’ or better grade (no grading on the curve either) then they don’t get to vote.  And their “report card” would be posted on their website when they run for reelection.  If they are flunking out by mid-term they get booted out of office, stripped naked, tarred and feathered, and get a ride out of D.C. on a rail.  The governor of their state would then appoint a replacement.  If the replacement failed at the end of the term both the replacement and the governor get “the treatment“.  Okay, maybe that is a too extreme and would never get accepted by a majority of the voters.  We can drop the feathers to get the support of the animal rights people.


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  1. I second that report card idea. I also second the punishment phase. We can always tar and feather the PETA people first..


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