More dehorning of the UK people

They are now testing the concept of putting people about to board a bus through “prison style” weapons checks.

Passengers travelling through a bus station will undergo prison-style weapons checks from today after police installed a metal scanner to cut knife crime.

The metal scanner, which is the same technology used in prisons to detect people carrying weapons, will be deployed at Hammersmith Bus Garage in west London as part of a week-long police trial.

Operation Blunt, part of the Metropolitan Police’s anti-knife initiative, could be rolled out across other London boroughs if the trial is a success.

I grew up on a farm where we had a few cattle.  Some breeds of cattle have horns.  When we had an animal growing horns we would dehorn it before the horns got big enough to hurt us or other cattle.  From our standpoint this worked well.  We could work with the cattle and do the basic things necessary such as vaccination, castration, feeding, moving and butchering without worry that we would get injured by their weapons.  You still needed to be careful, if they were to pin you against a tree or building or something they could do serious damage, trampling, and kicking was something to be concerned about too.  But those were relatively easy things to avoid compared to horns.  Of course this meant we had to put more effort into defending them from their natural enemies such as dogs (of all types) and large cats.  But it was a good tradeoff for us. 

What I don’t think the UK subjects realize is that they are becoming cattle.  Their government is increasingly becoming their owner and as such is perfectly free to shear (as you would sheep), castrate, and butcher at will.  And of course it is quite apparent that the UK government regards the natural predators of the ordinary UK subject (subjects with criminal behaviors) as just as important as the non-criminal subjects.  If a UK subject does any sort of preparation to defend themselves from predators then they are subject to the same sort of punishment as the predator.  Just as we regard all animals a equally valuable from the standpoint of meat production they regard the lives of all their subjects equally valuable.  The UK government is treating their subjects as cattle and is in the process of “dehorning” all of them.  The people of the UK need to be liberated or else used as a bad example for the rest of the world as they reap the consequences of their tolerance for such an oppressive government.  Because they gave up their firearms several years ago and we are pretty busy now with the war against the Islamic extremists so I’m inclined to say there isn’t going to be anyone that’s going to help them.  That means they are just going to have to be a bad example for the rest of the world.