WA governor race

The Drudge Report currently says “WASHINGTON GOV WINS BY 29 VOTES!“ but the link (as of this minute) shows results that differ by 1487 votes.  I wondered what was going on and realized that not all the counties have reported in and probably several hadn’t when Drudge wrote his headline but he didn’t realize it.  Currently gun owner hating Christine Gregorie is ahead by 1487 votes.  Kitsap county is the only county that hasn’t reported in.  Kitsap will most likely give it to Rossi.  Yeah!!!!

How do I know this?  In the original count Rossi was up by 262 votes.  So far in the recount Gregorie has gained 1274 votes and Rossi has gained 1089 votes.  A difference of 185 votes.  Since the delta is only 185 more for Gregorie Kitsap County must have gone for Rossi before.  I’m predicting a Rossi victory by about 75 votes.

You heard it hear first folks.

(Hope I don’t have “egg on my face” in a few hours).


One thought on “WA governor race

  1. Well, I just heard that Christine is the new Governor of Washington according to King County. Personally I don’t feel like she won this election legally and would like to know how many of the 75000 ballots they reported as not having any votes for Governor one way or another was in King County and can they produce these ballots to prove they haven’t been tampered with. Seems kind of funny these 700 and sum ballots weren’t found in the first recount but suddenly turned up in the second recount cause she was still losing.

    I suppose now she will ask for recounts on every bill she wants approved if they are rejected. We are in for a very long 4 years.

    Hope the Democratics are happy because in spite of the outcome of the election, they are still a bunch of losers.


    De’on Winsel


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