Our daughters

Last night Xenia had her drama presentation for the locals before going to the district competition in Orofino today.  She and Meghan did really well.  Barb and I were very proud of her.  This morning I got up at 5:15, dressed and took her to the bus waiting at the school to take her to Orofino.  She didn’t bring a coat but I didn’t notice until we were half way there.  It was cold, about 30 F.  We we got out of the van I took off my coat and put it on her.  I had other coats at home I could wear today.  I dropped her off and had just left when she called to tell me “I love you Daddy!“.  Uh, oh.  What does she want?  She had left her script at home so I drove back home, got the script and drove back to the high school.  She and Meghan were waiting for me and grabbed the script and thanked me profusely.  I finally got back to bed about 6:15.  Barb was waiting for me. 

We woke up again about 9:30 when James was taking his shower and leaving to play some sort of role playing game with his friends.  We went back to sleep after a short while and didn’t wake up until after 11:00.  I got up ate some food and brought Barb, still waiting in bed, some food.  We finished that off and with an empty house and no pressing business and an empty house stayed in bed snuggling until nearly 13:00.  We finally got up and did some errands and went for a walk.  Almost the entire day to ourselves.  We finished the walk a little before 17:00 in the dark at the arboretum.

Xenia called as we were driving away from the arboretum.  She was back in town.  She and Megan did well at district are going to the state competition next month.  They came in 4th out of 21 in their category.  More pride from Barb and I.

Kim called a few minutes ago from her work at KFC.  She asked what we have planned for tomorrow.  “Nothing much that I know of.  Why?”  She said she missed us and wanted to get together and do something.  About a year ago Kim had told us that when she turned 18 she was going to move away and not tell us where she was for at least six months.  It was pretty tough to hear that because although we had our fights we still really loved her and liked being around her (most of the time).  She didn’t really move away without telling us where she was at.  But she did move out right away.  She is only about half mile away from home and works basically at the bottom of the hill from us.  We don’t get to see her as often as we would like but we don’t push it.  She has friends and activities she likes to do with them.  Parents are pretty boring in her circle of friends.  Things haven’t been entirely easy for her and it’s pretty clear she has been “learning about reality“.  Maybe she is entering the stage where she realizes her parents aren’t quite as stupid as she thought they were.  It really felt good to hear that she wanted to see us.  I’m looking forward to tomorrow with her.