Principles of the Democrat party

I had never been able to identify the principles of the Democrat party.  I always believed they just wanted power and would say anything do anything to achieve and hold on to that power.  Sure, nearly all politicians have a tendency along those lines but the Democrats did nothing but that as near as I could tell.  I never heard anyone articulate what their principles really were.  Even when I would press some of them for a statement of principles I would get a blank stare like a deer in the headlights and some mumbling about diversity and equality.  However, just this afternoon, I finally read an answer by William Schneider to that question and it finally makes sense what they are about.  He said, “It looks to use the power of government to promote economic and social justice.”  How very cool.  How succinct.  And it all makes sense now.  Thank you Mr. Schneider.

However there are a couple of problems with these principles.

  • They are unconstitutional.
  • Government is unable to accomplish those goals.  It only creates more problems than it solves.

So now that I finally have an understanding of what the Democrat party is really about let’s get on with the process of driving them into political extinction.  Their principles are abhorrent to me.